Posted On: Mar 19, 2015

As of today, you can access over 85,000 Landsat 8 scenes on through our newest Public Data Set Landsat on AWS. The scenes are all available in the landsat-pds bucket the Amazon S3 US West (Oregon) region. By making Landsat data readily available near our flexible computing resources, we hope to accelerate innovation in climate research, humanitarian relief, and disaster preparedness efforts around the world. Because the imagery is available on AWS, researchers and software developers can use any of our on-demand services to perform analysis and create new products without needing to worry about storage or bandwidth costs.

Landsat is a program managed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) that creates moderate-resolution satellite imagery of all land on Earth every 16 days. Because of Landsat's global purview and long history, it has become a reference point for all Earth observation work and is considered the gold standard of natural resource satellite imagery.

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