Posted On: Apr 7, 2015

You now have the ability to deactivate a running pipeline and activate it later at a time of your choosing, in AWS Data Pipeline.

This is useful in several situations:

  • Pausing a pipeline while you makes edits to the pipeline definition such as an Amazon RDS username/password change.
  • Pausing a pipeline while you makes edits or fixes to Hive Activity scripts used by Data Pipeline.
  • Pausing your pipeline for other scheduled system updates or maintenance.
  • If your pipeline processed data that is discovered as corrupted, you can reprocess the data by resuming the pipeline for a date before the data corruption and backfill the data.

You can easily control deactivation and activation of your pipelines through the console, or through the API, SDK, or CLI. Learn more about pausing your pipeline through Deactivation/Activation in the AWS Data Pipeline documentation.

Additionally, you can now take advantage of enhanced editing capabilities on your scheduled pipeline, such as changing scheduled end dates, adding SNS alarms, and editing all fields on existing objects in your pipeline.