Posted On: Apr 2, 2015

You now have the ability in the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) to set values in the AWS CLI configuration file for several Amazon EMR commands. You can set these parameters once, instead of specifying them with each command. In the Amazon EMR create-cluster command, you can now set variables for the Amazon EMR service role, Amazon EC2 instance profile, SSH key name, enable debugging, and Log URI bucket in Amazon S3. You can also set the variable for local key pair location in these Amazon EMR commands: SSH, get, put, and socks.

Using the Amazon EMR create-default-roles command, you can easily create and use default AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles for your cluster’s Amazon EMR service role and EC2 instance profile. We have enhanced this command to automatically set the default Amazon EMR service role and EC2 instance profile values for their respective variables in the create-cluster command, so you do not need to specify them manually after they are created. To learn more about setting configuration variables for the Amazon EMR commands on the AWS CLI, click here.