Posted On: Jun 11, 2015

We have expanded AWS CloudFormation support for additional features of Amazon ElastiCache, AWS IAM, Amazon RDS and Amazon S3.

  • Amazon ElastiCache: CloudFormation can now be used to provision read-only replicas in addition to the read-write ElastiCache clusters. This is supported with the specification of ReplicationGroup which is a collection of cache clusters, where one of the clusters is a primary and other are replicas. This feature is currently supported only for Redis clusters.
  • Amazon S3: We have expanded coverage for configuring non-current versions of versioned S3 buckets (with the addition of properties NoncurrentVersionExpirationInDays and NoncurrentVersionTransition on S3 Lifecycle Rule)
  • AWS Identity and Access Management: We have extended support for setting the PasswordResetRequired option in the AWS::IAM::User LoginProfile property. This is a valuable security option for customers.
  • Amazon RDS: Option Group in Amazon RDS can make managing data and databases easier, for more information about Option Groups see Working with Option Groups. We have expanded CloudFormation support for Amazon RDS by adding support for a new resource type AWS::RDS::OptionGroup.

AWS CloudFormation simplifies resource provisioning and management for a wide range of AWS services. CloudFormation quickly and reliably provisions application architectures (or ‘stacks’) that you model in CloudFormation template files.

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