Posted On: Jul 29, 2015

You can now run SQL Server Enterprise Edition as a License Included offering on Amazon RDS. The License Included offering for the Enterprise Edition is available on R3.2xlarge, R3.4xlarge, and R3.8xlarge instance types, in the US-East (Virginia), US-West (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland) regions. In the License Included service model, you do not need separately purchased Microsoft SQL Server licenses. License Included pricing is inclusive of software license, underlying hardware resources, and Amazon RDS management capabilities. This allows you to pay for the hours you use and change your instance type as needed to fit your workloads.

The new License Included offering is in addition to the Bring Your Own License offering for SQL Server Enterprise Edition already available on Amazon RDS.

The Amazon RDS for SQL Server Enterprise Edition offers a number of features including High Availability using Multi-AZ, database storage sizes up to 4TB, and storage performance with up to 20,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS).

To create a new Amazon RDS for SQL Server Enterprise Edition instance with just a few clicks, use the "Launch DB Instance" wizard in the AWS Management Console and select SQL Server Enterprise Edition and License Included options. Learn more by visiting the Amazon RDS Pricing page.