Posted On: Jul 20, 2015

You can now launch the Oracle 12c database version "" and take advantage of Oracle 12c and 11g April PSU patches and improved integration with AWS CloudHSM.

The In-Memory option, available in the latest "" version, allows storing a subset of data in an in-memory column format optimized for performance. The new RDS Oracle 12c and 11g database versions "", "" and "" include the April 2015 Oracle Patch Set Updates (PSU) and enable access to the DBMS_REPAIR package. We also improved the integration with AWS CloudHSM, enabling access to CloudHSM partitions from multiple RDS accounts and storing TDE master keys for multiple RDS Oracle databases on a single CloudHSM partition.

To create a new Oracle "", "", "" and "" DB instance with just a few clicks use the "Launch DB Instance Wizard" in the AWS Management Console and select the appropriate DB engine version.

Learn more by visiting the Amazon RDS for Oracle Feature Overview, and DB engine Release Notes pages.