Posted On: Jul 2, 2015

Optimizing the size of JavaScript payload is an important part of tuning the load time of a web application. As AWS spans many web services and provides a very large API surface area, serving a build of the AWS SDK for JavaScript with support for services you are not using in your application can be inefficient.

The new SDK builder for the AWS SDK for JavaScript was created to help customers tackle this potential inefficiency. With the SDK builder, you can easily build a custom version of the SDK with only the services you'll be using. For example, if you're only streaming data to Amazon Kinesis, you only need to include the AWS.Kinesis client in your build. Similarly, if you're using Amazon Cognito to authenticate users and storing their files in Amazon S3, you can build the SDK with support for only the AWS.CognitoIdentity and the AWS.S3 clients.

The SDK builder clearly marks services that support CORS and can be used directly from a web application. The services that do not support CORS currently can also be included in your build for use in JavaScript environments that do not enforce the CORS standard, such as browser extensions and Windows Store applications.

To learn more about the SDK builder and the AWS SDK for JavaScript visit the AWS JavaScript Development Blog!