Posted On: Aug 6, 2015

You can now launch larger, more cost-efficient R3 instances and low-cost T2 instances when using Amazon RDS for Oracle. R3 instances are optimized for memory-intensive applications, have the lowest cost per GiB of RAM among Amazon RDS instance types, and are recommended for high performance database workloads. R3 instances deliver higher sustained memory bandwidth with lower network latency and jitter at prices up to 28% lower than comparable M2 database instances. T2 instances are the low-cost standard instances designed to provide a baseline level of CPU performance with the ability to burst above the baseline. These instances are recommended for workloads that do not use the full CPU often or consistently, but occasionally need to burst to higher CPU performance, such as small database workloads in test and development environments. To learn more about the benefits of the R3 and T2 instance families on Amazon RDS, visit the DB Instance Classes page.

The R3 and T2 instance types are available with Oracle database versions and You can create new R3 and T2 instances with just a few clicks using the "Launch DB Instance" wizard in the AWS Management Console. To migrate an existing instance, first upgrade your instance to Oracle database version or, and then restore a snapshot of that database instance to a new R3 or T2 instance.

Amazon RDS for Oracle T2 instances are now available in all Commercial AWS regions. Amazon RDS for Oracle R3 instances are available in all Commercial AWS regions with the exception of the South America (São Paulo) region. For more information on pricing, visit the Amazon RDS pricing page.