Posted On: Sep 28, 2015

The latest engine version of Amazon ElastiCache for Redis now comes with several enhancements:

  • More usable memory: You can now safely allocate more memory for your application without the risk of increased swap usage during syncs and snapshots.
  • Improved synchronization: Improved output buffer management provides more robust synchronization under heavy load and when recovering from network disconnections. Additionally, syncs are faster as both the primary and replicas no longer use the disk for this operation.
  • Smoother failovers: In the event of a failover, your cluster now recovers faster as replicas will avoid flushing their data to do a full re-sync with the primary.

In addition, this enhanced version of ElastiCache for Redis incorporates fixes from open source Redis 2.8.22 such as improved consistency between primaries and replicas through better replication PSYNC behavior.

You can easily launch an ElastiCache for Redis cluster with the latest engine version 2.8.22 via a few clicks from the ElastiCache Management Console. For more details, please refer to the ElastiCache documentation and Redis release notes. This release is available immediately in all regions except China (Beijing) and GovCloud (US), where it will roll out over the next few weeks.