Posted On: Sep 2, 2015

We are pleased to announce new APN Partners named as RDS Database Migration Partners. 2nd Watch, Apps Associates, Cloudnexa, Datapipe, Digital Edge UST Global, Logicworks, Pythian and Slalom Consulting are ready to help customers with database migration projects using the RDS Migration Tool. Each partner brings unique capabilities within their database migration practice, from specialization in cross-platform migrations to building high availability solutions to setting up a hybrid cloud. The RDS Migration Tool is a powerful utility for migrating data with minimal downtime from on-premises and EC2-based databases to Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift and Amazon Aurora databases. It supports not only like-to-like data migrations, e.g. Oracle-to-Oracle, but also migrations between different database platforms, e.g. SQL Server-to-MySQL. The RDS Migration Tool can capture changes on the source during the data migration and apply these changes to the target to gracefully switch-over a production database to the new environment.

To start your database migration project, get in touch with the RDS Database Migration partners highlighted on the RDS Partners page.