Posted On: Oct 28, 2015

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Amazon VPC Flow Logs and Amazon CloudWatch Logs in the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

Amazon VPC Flow Logs allows you to capture information about the IP traffic in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). You can now create a Flow Log on a VPC, a subnet or an Elastic Network Interface (ENI) in your account. Once enabled, the Flow Log will capture accepted and rejected traffic flow information in your VPC.

Flow Log records are made available through the Amazon CloudWatch Logs service and Flow Log records can be viewed, searched and retrieved using Amazon CloudWatch Logs. You can also use CloudWatch to create near real-time alerts on network flow records you want to monitor. Standard Amazon CloudWatch Logs pricing applies to VPC Flow Logs.

To get started, you can enable VPC Flow Logs from the AWS VPC Management Console, the Command Line Interface (CLI) and through the AWS SDK. For more information about VPC Flow Logs, please refer to the VPC Flow Logs User Guide. For information about CloudWatch Logs, see the Amazon CloudWatch Developer Guide. To learn more about Amazon CloudWatch Logs pricing, see the Amazon CloudWatch pricing page.