Posted On: Oct 2, 2015

Starting today, you can use the AWS Management Console, a simple and intuitive web-based user interface to choose and request Spot instances quickly. Amazon EC2 Spot instances allow you to bid on spare Amazon EC2 computing capacity, so you can save up to 90% compared to On-Demand prices (learn more about how Spot works).

To get started, click on Spot Requests in the EC2 console to specify your application’s compute capacity requirements, and select from a list of recommended instance types and bid prices. As your bids are fulfilled, your instances will launch across the instance types and availability zones you chose, in even distribution to maintain your application’s availability as Spot capacity fluctuates. Optionally, you can choose to launch the lowest priced instances that meet your capacity requirements (learn more about diversified and lowest price Spot instance fleets).

You can also access Spot features using the AWS SDKs or Command-Line Tools. To learn more, read our blog post and visit Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.