Posted On: Dec 14, 2015

You can now use DynamoDB as the storage backend for the newest version of the Titan graph engine, 1.0.0. Titan 1.0.0 provides support for TinkerPop 3, as well as several bug fixes and optimizations. Tinkerpop 3 is the latest version of the Tinkerpop graph computing framework. For full list of updates in Titan 1.0.0 please see the release notes.

Graph databases are popular for social networks, recommendation engines, fraud detection, inventory management and more. Titan is designed to efficiently store and traverse massive graphs containing even hundreds of billions of vertices and edges. DynamoDB lets you offload Titan storage management to AWS. This re:Invent 2015 session introduces graph databases and describes how Amazon’s fulfillment network is using the DynamoDB Storage Backend for Titan to power the company’s massive fulfillment infrastructure.

Learn more about the DynamoDB Titan storage backend plugin by reading our blogs – introduction and performance tuning. Get started using Titan with DynamoDB by reading our Documentation. The plugin for Titan 1.0.0 is available on GitHub.