Posted On: Dec 3, 2015

We are excited to announce the release of Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow, an easy-to-use and cost-effective traffic management service that lets you manage how your end-users are routed to your application’s endpoints—whether in a single AWS region or distributed around the globe. End user routing is managed via simple policies you can build like a flowchart in the Amazon Route 53 console, and then import or export via the Amazon Route 53 API in JSON format.

You can use Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow to assemble a wide range of routing scenarios, from adding a simple backup page in Amazon S3 for your website, to building sophisticated routing policies that consider an end user’s geographic location, proximity to an AWS region, and the health of each of your endpoints. Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow also includes a versioning feature that allows you to maintain a history of changes to your routing policies, and easily roll back to a previous policy version using the console or API.

With Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow, there are no minimum usage commitments or up-front fees. You pay only for the Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow policies you use to manage traffic routing, and the number of queries that the Amazon Route 53 DNS service answers for each of your domains.

To learn more, visit the Amazon Route 53 product page or see our documentation.