Posted On: Dec 17, 2015

AWS Marketplace, which lists popular 3rd party software for sale by independent software vendors, has announced support for Clusters and AWS Resources. Using AWS CloudFormation, these features make deploying software from AWS Marketplace faster and easier than ever before, from testing to production.

Now, when you launch using AWS CloudFormation templates, which are created by ISVs for their software, you can deploy multi-AMI clusters that integrate with other AWS resources like Amazon Redshift or Amazon S3. This means you can launch sophisticated, enterprise-grade, production-ready deployments all within AWS Marketplace, all in a single transaction.

AWS Marketplace is launching this new feature with four vendors to start: SophosTibcoNetApp, and MapR. Visit this page to see all of the different products offered by each of those vendors that are now compatible with AWS CloudFormation. Or visit the AWS Blog to learn more about AWS Marketplace Support for Clusters and AWS resources.