Posted On: Jan 28, 2016

We are excited to launch three new features to enhance the WorkSpaces user experience. Amazon WorkSpaces has added support for voice communication with headsets, high DPI screens, and saved registrations.

Audio-in: With a headset, you can now use popular voice communication tools like Lync, WebEx, and Skype from your WorkSpace, taking full advantage of audio capabilities. Just connect an analog or USB headset to your Windows, Mac OSX, or iOS client, and you’ll be able to make and receive calls, record audio, and attend web conferences from WorkSpaces.

WorkSpaces launched after January 28th, 2016 have this functionality enabled by default. For WorkSpaces launched prior to January 28th, 2016 the feature will be enabled after a reboot. If you’re using custom images, we recommend you update them to make sure WorkSpaces are made available to users without additional delays.

High DPI Screen Support: WorkSpaces desktop clients now have improved support for devices with high DPI screens like Surface Pro and Lenovo Yoga laptops. With such devices, Amazon WorkSpaces allows you to take advantage of enhanced display capabilities without requiring any manual configuration. The in-session display is scaled automatically to match the DPI settings of your local device.

Saved Registrations: Every time you enter a new registration code in the WorkSpaces client application the client will store it. Saving the registration code makes it easier to switch between WorkSpaces in different directories or regions.

You can immediately get started with these new features. Just visit to download the latest client software.