Posted On: Jan 27, 2016

Amazon EMR release 4.3.0 now offers upgraded versions of Apache Hadoop (2.7.1), Apache Spark (1.6.0), Ganglia (3.7.2), and an upgraded sandbox release of Presto (0.130). Hadoop 2.7.1 is a minor version upgrade with various bug fixes and performance enhancements. Spark 1.6.0 includes several new features, such as the compile-time type safety using the Dataset API, machine learning pipeline persistence using the Spark ML Pipeline API, a variety of new machine learning algorithms in Spark ML, and automatic memory management between execution and cache memory in executors. Presto 0.130 now supports S3 server-side encryption and client-side encryption using the PrestoS3Filesystem. 

You can create an Amazon EMR cluster with release 4.3.0 by choosing release label “emr-4.3.0” from the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or SDK. You can specify Hadoop, Spark, Ganglia, and Presto-Sandbox to install these applications on your cluster. Please visit the Amazon EMR documentation for more information about release 4.3.0, Hadoop 2.7.1, Spark 1.6.0, Ganglia 3.7.2, and Presto 0.130