AWS IoT Now Supports WebSockets, Custom Keepalive Intervals, and Enhanced Console

Posted on: Jan 28, 2016

We are pleased to announce support for MQTT over WebSockets and additional new features for AWS IoT.  

The AWS IoT Device Gateway now supports MQTT over WebSockets. Build real-time mobile and web applications that interact over WebSockets, and easily scale to millions of simultaneous users. You can use WebSockets with Amazon Cognito to securely authenticate end-users to your apps and devices.  

In addition, we have added support for custom MQTT keepalive intervals. For devices and apps that use open connections to AWS IoT, you can now specify the interval with which each connection should be kept open if no messages are received. AWS IoT drops the connection after that interval unless you send a message or a ping.  

Finally, we have enhanced the AWS IoT console, making it even easier to get started quickly. Now, you can use the console to publish and subscribe to MQTT messages without needing a separate MQTT client or physical device. You can also now use the console to configure logging of your AWS IoT activity to CloudWatch Logs.  

To see the changes sign in to the console, or to get started visit the AWS IoT site.