Posted On: Feb 12, 2016

You can now view Amazon CloudWatch metrics directly within the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) console. Amazon CloudWatch monitors your Amazon SQS and other AWS resources in real time. Within the Amazon SQS console, you can monitor CloudWatch metrics such as the number of messages sent, received, and deleted on your queues. Previously, you had to switch back and forth between browser tabs to view Amazon CloudWatch metrics. Now, you can get a rapid view of your queue metrics without leaving Amazon SQS.

To use this new feature, simply navigate to the Amazon SQS console, select up to 10 queues, and select the new Monitoring tab. Charts will be displayed showing Amazon CloudWatch metrics for the selected queues. For more details on how to monitor Amazon SQS with CloudWatch, read our documentation here

Additionally, the Amazon SQS console has recently been updated with a refreshed look and feel. Login to the Amazon SQS console today to take a look!