Posted On: Mar 10, 2016

Amazon CloudWatch Logs is enhancing security and visibility by adding support for AWS CloudTrail. You can now use AWS CloudTrail to track changes to your CloudWatch Logs resources such as your Log Groups, Log Streams, Metrics Filters, Subscription Filters, and Log Export Tasks. 

Additionally, all users of Amazon CloudWatch Logs will now receive Amazon CloudWatch Metrics that track the number and volume of log events per Log Group and per Amazon CloudWatch Logs Subscription. You can use these metrics to monitor the usage and health of your Log Groups and Log Subscriptions by inclusion on an Amazon CloudWatch Dashboard or by creating new CloudWatch Alarms on the metrics. 

To get started with AWS CloudTrail logging, please visit the AWS CloudTrail Console. For information about new Amazon CloudWatch Logs Metrics, see the Amazon CloudWatch Developer Guide. To use your new CloudWatch Logs metrics, please visit the Amazon CloudWatch Console and create a CloudWatch Dashboard or Alarm.