Posted On: Mar 21, 2016

AWS Storage Gateway is pleased to announce increased capacity for both gateway-virtual tape library (VTL) and gateway-stored volumes. This enables you to store more data in AWS without needing to run additional gateways, reducing your cost and operational overhead.

For gateway-VTL we have increased the maximum capacity of virtual tapes in a single VTL to 1 PB, a sevenfold increase from the previous 150 TB maximum storage capacity per VTL. You can now configure up to 1,500 virtual tapes, up to 2.5 TB each, for a maximum capacity of 1 PB. For gateway-stored volumes we have increased the maximum storage managed per gateway by 166% from 192 TB to 512 TB, enabling you to configure up to 32 volumes of up to 16 TB each. The maximum capacity for gateway-cached volumes is unchanged, enabling up to 32 volumes of up to 32 TB each for a maximum capacity 1 PB for this type of gateway.

These new capabilities are available in an updated AWS Storage Gateway virtual machine (VM) image downloadable from the AWS Management Console. For all existing gateways, the software update will be applied automatically during your gateway’s next scheduled weekly maintenance time. You can also apply the update manually on the AWS Management Console.