Posted On: May 26, 2016

Today we are announcing three new enhancements to Amazon Route 53’s domain name registration service.

We have expanded our TLD catalog to include domains such as .name, .online, and .uk. With this launch, Amazon Route 53 now supports over 300 different TLDs. To see a full list of the domains Amazon Route 53 offers, see Domains that You Can Register with Amazon Route 53.

It is now easy to review a detailed billing history of the domains you have registered, transferred, or renewed. This report simplifies the management of large numbers of domains by providing details including domain name, operation type, charge amount, invoice ID, and date. To download the report in CSV format, choose Domain Billing Report in the domains section of the AWS Management Console.

Amazon Registrar is now the registrar of record for .org registrations. With the addition of .org support, Amazon Registrar is now the registrar of record for .com, .net, and .org. When you register one of these three TLDs with Amazon Route 53, you can get more privacy protection. If you enable privacy protection, we will automatically hide your first and last names from WHOIS query results.

To learn more, visit the Amazon Route 53 product page for full details and pricing, or see our documentation