Posted On: Jun 15, 2016

Form 990 is the form used by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to gather financial information about nonprofit organizations. Data from over 1,000,000 IRS 990 electronic filings are now available for anyone to use via Amazon S3. Electronic filings from 2011 to the present are currently available, and the IRS will add new 990 filing data each month.

By making 990 filing data available in bulk and in a machine readable format, the IRS has made it possible for anyone to programmatically access and analyze information about individual nonprofits or the entire nonprofit sector in the United States. Anyone can analyze it in the cloud without having to download it or store it themselves, which lowers the cost of new data product development and can accelerate analysis.

Learn more about this IRS 990 Filings on AWS on its Public Data Set landing page

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