Posted On: Aug 3, 2016

AWS IoT now supports Just-in-time registration (JITR) of device certificates. This functionality expands on the "Use Your Own Certificate" feature launched earlier this year by simplifying the process of enrolling devices with AWS IoT. Prior to support for JITR, the device enrollment process required two steps: first, registering the Certificate Authority (CA) certificate to AWS IoT, then individually registering the device certificates that were signed by the CA. Now, with JITR you can complete the second step by auto-registering device certificates when devices connect to AWS IoT for the first time. This saves time spent on registering device certificates and allows devices to remain off-line during the manufacturing process.  

To further automate IoT device provisioning, you can create an AWS IoT rule with a Lambda action that activates the certificates and attaches policies. For more information, visit the Internet of Things Blog on AWS or Developer Documentation.