Posted On: Aug 18, 2016

Three new checks have been added to Trusted Advisor that will identify and provide recommendations on your Direct Connect settings that can help you ensure redundancy in the event of device or location loss of connectivity. 

  • AWS Direct Connect Connection Redundancy: Checks for regions that have only one AWS Direct Connect connection.
  • AWS Direct Connect Location Redundancy: Checks for regions with one or more AWS Direct Connect connections and only one AWS Direct Connect location.
  • AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interface Redundancy: Checks for virtual private gateways with AWS Direct Connect virtual interfaces (VIFs) that are not configured on at least two AWS Direct Connect connections.

These checks provide additional guidance to help provision your resources to improve system performance and reliability, increase security, and optimize cost.

For more information on AWS Trusted Advisor and descriptions of the full set of checks, visit AWS Trusted Advisor