Posted On: Sep 1, 2016

Today, we added a tool for bulk importing your user identities into Your User Pools in Amazon Cognito. This tool makes it easy for developers to migrate their existing users from their existing identity provider to an Amazon Cognito user pool. User attribute values are imported with a .csv file, which can be uploaded through the console, our APIs, or CLI. When imported users first sign in, they confirm their account and create a new password with a code sent to their email address or phone. There is no additional cost for using the import tool. To learn more, see our import tool documentation.

We also added AWS CloudTrail support for Your User Pools. CloudTrail support enables you to track Amazon Cognito API activity that creates, modifies, or deletes user pools. AWS CloudTrail enables you to record API activity in your AWS account and delivers the log files to you, for example, in a S3 bucket that you specify. Additionally, you can create Amazon CloudWatch alarms to monitor for specific activity and send notifications through mobile push messages, email, SMS and additional protocols with Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS). There is no additional cost for enabling AWS CloudTrail, but standard rates for use of Amazon Cognito and Amazon SNS apply. To get started with AWS CloudTrail logging, sign in to the AWS CloudTrail console