Posted On: Sep 1, 2016

You can now use the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control to manage multiple Amazon RDS for Oracle database instances. The OEM Cloud Control offers a solution that allows you to monitor and manage the complete Oracle IT infrastructure from a single console. Amazon RDS for Oracle installs the Oracle Management Agent (OMA) which communicates with your Oracle Management Service (OMS) to provide monitoring information.

To enable the Oracle Management Agent (OMA) with just a few clicks use the "Option Groups" in the AWS Management Console and add "OEM_AGENT" option to new or existing option group. You need to provide few settings, including OMS hostname (or IP), port and agent registration password to allow OMA on your Amazon RDS for Oracle database instances to communicate with your existing Oracle Management Service (OMS) stack.

To learn more about how to monitor your Amazon RDS for Oracle instances with the OEM Cloud Control, please visit the documentations about Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent Option.