Posted On: Sep 19, 2016

AWS Cost Explorer is a tool that helps you to visualize, understand, and manage your AWS spending. You can view your spend by service or by linked account, with your choice of daily or monthly granularity. You can also create custom filters based on the accounts, time period, services, or tags that are of particular interest to you.

Today we added Usage Type filters in Cost Explorer for all AWS services in order to help you better understand your costs down to the basic unit at which a service can be metered. We have also grouped the Usage Types into simple and easy-to-understand Usage Type Groups for three services - EC2, S3 and DynamoDB – to categorize your usage at a higher level that is aligned with the primary components of AWS usage and billing. For example, a customer can filter their Cost Explorer visualization to show EC2 instance hours by selecting the “EC2 Running Hours” Usage Type Group and can then zoom in to see costs by specific EC2 instance types using Usage Types (such as “BoxUsage:c1.medium(Hrs)”, “BoxUsage:m3.xlarge(Hrs)”, and “BoxUsage:t1.micro(Hrs)”)

Learn more about Usage Types and Usage Type Groups here: