Posted On: Nov 21, 2016

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) now offers dedicated IP addresses, which enable you to manage the reputation of the IP addresses that Amazon SES uses to send your email. Dedicated IP addresses, often simply called dedicated IPs, are Amazon SES IP addresses that are reserved exclusively for your email sending. 

Prior to the availability of dedicated IPs, all Amazon SES customers sent their email through IP addresses shared by other Amazon SES customers. The shared IP model continues to enable commitment-free sending with arbitrary email volume, and remains the best fit for many Amazon SES customers. However, if you send multiple types of mail, such as marketing and transactional content, you might want to isolate the reputation of your mail streams to improve your visibility and control over your email deliverability. 

By giving you total control of the mail sent through an unchanging set of IP addresses, dedicated IPs also provide whitelisting and security benefits. For example, you might use Amazon SES to send yourself operational notifications such as alarms. Knowing that all mail originating from your dedicated IPs is safe, you can whitelist the dedicated IPs with your incoming mail servers to ensure that they always accept mail from those IP addresses. You can also communicate your IPs to other entities, with the assurance that you are wholly responsible for the email coming from those IPs. 

To request dedicated IPs, open an SES Sending Limits Increase Case in Support Center. In the use case details, specify that you are requesting dedicated IPs. For important information about how to submit the case, see the Amazon SES Developer Guide

To be a good fit for dedicated IPs, you must send a minimum volume of email through Amazon SES per day. To learn more about the requirements and whether dedicated IPs are right for you, see the Amazon SES Developer Guide. For dedicated IP pricing information, see the Amazon SES pricing page