Posted On: Nov 21, 2016

We are reducing the base price of CloudWatch Metrics from $0.50 per metric per month to $0.30 per metric per month, a 40% reduction in price. In addition, we are introducing new volume-based tiered pricing with even lower prices per metric, with savings up to 96%. These will take effect in all regions beginning December 1, 2016.  

CloudWatch Metrics price will be reduced from $0.50 per metric per month to $0.30 for the first 10,000 metrics, $0.10 for the next 240,000 metrics, $0.05 for the next 750,000 metrics, and $0.02 for metrics over 1,000,000. Customers with EC2 Detailed Monitoring enabled will also see a price reduction with per-month charges reduced from $3.50 per instance per month to $2.10 or lower based on volume tier. Customers will continue to receive 10 free metrics per month as part of the free tier.

Today's price drop continues the AWS tradition of reducing our costs and passing the savings along to our customers. This new pricing will be reflected on the Amazon CloudWatch pricing page starting December 1, 2016.