CI/CD Pipeline for Microsoft Windows on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment

Posted on: Nov 7, 2016

NOTE: This Quick Start is no longer available. See the Quick Start home page for our latest Quick Start catalog.

This new Quick Start automates the deployment of a continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline on AWS. It uses standard Microsoft Windows technologies such as Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild), Internet Information Services (IIS), Windows PowerShell, and .NET Framework in combination with the Jenkins CI tool and AWS services to deploy and demonstrate the CI/CD pipeline.  

The AWS services for CI/CD include AWS CodePipeline, which is a CI orchestration service, and AWS CodeDeploy, which automates code deployments to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. 

You can use the Quick Start to integrate your own code push, build, and deploy pipeline with AWS services. You can also use the ASP.NET sample application provided with the Quick Start to see an automated end-to-end CI release deployed to AWS CodeDeploy servers that are running IIS.

The Quick Start sets up a highly available AWS architecture that spans two Availability Zones. It deploys an MSBuild server with Jenkins installed, and a Windows Server instance with IIS and AWS CodeDeploy installed. If you use the sample application, the Quick Start also deploys an Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for SQL Server database instance for sample code deployment. You can choose to deploy a second AWS CodeDeploy server for load balancing and rolling upgrades. The deployment and configuration tasks take about 30 minutes and are automated by AWS CloudFormation templates that you can customize during launch. 

The Quick Start deployment guide describes the reference architecture and provides step-by-step instructions for deploying, configuring, and validating the CI/CD pipeline components. 

Quick Starts are automated reference deployments for key workloads on the AWS Cloud. Each Quick Start launches, configures, and runs the AWS compute, network, storage, and other services required to deploy a specific workload on AWS, using AWS best practices for security and availability. 

To get started with the CI/CD pipeline for Windows on AWS, use the following resources:

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