Posted On: Nov 30, 2016

Today we announce the newest member of the AWS Compute family - Amazon Lightsail. Lightsail is designed to be the easiest way to launch and manage a virtual private server with AWS. Lightsail plans include everything you need to jumpstart your project – a virtual machine, SSD-based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP – for a low, predictable price.

Fast & Easy

With Amazon Lightsail, you can deploy a virtual private server with just a few clicks using preconfigured templates for your favorite Linux distribution, application, or dev stack – including WordPress, Magento, LAMP, and more. Once your virtual private server is deployed, Lightsail’s intuitive management console makes running your server and its associated services a breeze.  

Built on the World’s Leading Cloud

Lightsail virtual private servers run on the same highly available and reliable AWS cloud infrastructure used by millions of customers. This means that your app gets to use the same trusted and proven cloud infrastructure that powers companies like Netflix, AirBnB, General Electric, and Capital One.

Grows with You

Lightsail allows you to grow and scale your applications over time. When your app needs advanced features like managed databases, content delivery network, or any of dozens of other features, you can connect these AWS services to your Lightsail-hosted application.

Low, Predictable Price

Lightsail offers bundled plans that include everything you need to deploy a virtual private server – including a virtual machine, storage, and networking – starting at a flat $5 per month. As your needs grow, you can trade up to larger plans or add resources.

One Month Free

The $5 Lightsail plan is free for one month (up to 750 hours). Log into the Lightsail Console with your AWS account to try it today! Try Lightsail>>