Posted On: Dec 20, 2016

Starting today, you can seamlessly move snapshots of your encrypted and unencrypted RDS databases across commercial AWS regions and between various accounts, which can be used to create a robust disaster recovery for your RDS database instances. Previously, RDS supported copying your unencrypted DB snapshots across multiple regions and accounts, and copying your encrypted DB snapshots between accounts within the same region. Now, you can also copy your encrypted DB snapshots between accounts and across multiple regions as seamlessly as unencrypted snapshots.  

To copy your encrypted snapshot to a different region, simply select a different region during the Copy Snapshot operation on the RDS console. With this functionality, you can now create safe backups of your encrypted as well as unencrypted database instances in a different region as well as in a different account for robust disaster recovery. Note that because encrypted DB snapshots are larger in size than unencrypted DB snapshots, you may see an increase in data transfer and backup charges. Data transfer and backup storage pricing is available on the RDS Pricing page.

For more details on copying a database snapshot across regions, please refer to the documentation on copying DB snapshot in RDS.