Posted On: Dec 1, 2016

You can now use AWS Config to record configuration changes to software on your EC2 instances as well as virtual machines (VMs) or servers in your on-premises environment. Through AWS Config integration with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, you gain visibility into Operating System configurations, system-level updates, installed applications, network configuration and more. AWS Config provides a history of OS and system-level configuration changes that you can use for assessing security risks, troubleshooting, tracking license usage, etc.  

Additionally, you can assess whether the software on your instances and on-premises systems are compliant with your guidelines and policies using AWS Config Rules. Three new managed Config rules enable you to check whether your instances or on-premise systems have the desired platform configuration and an approved set of applications installed.

With the AWS Config console, you can track configurations of specific components inside your instances, VMs or servers and quickly identify undesired configurations.