Posted On: Dec 1, 2016

You can now receive notification and remediation guidance when AWS is experiencing events that may impact you. Available to all AWS customers, AWS Personal Health Dashboard provides a personalized view into the performance and availability of the AWS services you are using, as well as alerts that are automatically triggered by changes in the health of those services.

In addition to event-based alerts, Personal Health Dashboard provides proactive notifications of scheduled activities, such as any changes to the infrastructure powering your resources, enabling you to better plan for events that may affect you. These notifications can be delivered to you via email or mobile for quick visibility, and can always be viewed from within the AWS Management Console.

When you get an alert, it includes detailed information and guidance, enabling you to take immediate action to address AWS events impacting your resources. In addition to Personal Health Dashboard, we have launched the AWS Health API, available to Business and Enterprise Support plan customers, that enables seamless integration with your existing in-house or third party IT Management tools.