Posted On: Feb 15, 2017

Amazon AppStream 2.0 now supports federated sign-in using SAML 2.0. Users can sign in to AppStream 2.0 using their existing credentials, and start streaming applications. As an administrator, you can use your existing user directory to control end-user access to applications available via AppStream 2.0. You can quickly add or remove access for users or groups, restrict access based on user locations, and enable multi-factor authentication. You can enable federated access and controls via any SAML 2.0 compliant identity provider such as Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services, Okta, Ping Identity, and Shibboleth.

There are no additional charges for using SAML 2.0 with AppStream 2.0. To set up federated access to AppStream 2.0, see the technical guidance outlined here. To experience applications already installed on AppStream 2.0, visit the Amazon AppStream 2.0 website.