Posted On: Feb 27, 2017

Today, we are introducing a new EC2 Spot Advisor Console to guide customers in using Spot for common applications, and Health Checks for Spot fleet.

You can now use the EC2 Spot Advisor Console, designed to help automate deploying Spot capacity for common applications and tasks. Now customers can enter their application type, compute requirements, and desired capacity in order to receive a suggested Spot fleet and estimated price per hour. The Spot Advisor Console currently supports recommendations for stateless web service, MapReduce or batch workloads.

Get started today using the EC2 Spot Advisor Console.

Starting today Amazon EC2 Spot fleets can now periodically perform health checks on the instances in your fleet and identify any instances that are unhealthy. After Amazon Spot fleet determines an instance is unhealthy, it will receive a 2 minute warning before being replaced. Previously customers had to build their own scripts, to monitor and manage unhealthy instances in Spot fleets. Now customers can opt into Health Checks by setting a single parameter in their Spot fleets.

To learn how to get started using Spot fleets with Heath Checks, please consult the Spot fleet User Guide.