Posted On: Mar 9, 2017

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) can now automatically warm up your new dedicated IP addresses before you can send a high volume of emails. Dedicated IP addresses are Amazon SES IP addresses that are reserved exclusively for your email sending. 

Before the automatic warm-up feature was available, Amazon SES customers who leased dedicated IPs implemented their own warm-up mechanism. Customers gradually increased email sending through a new dedicated IP before using it to its full capacity. Failure to properly warm up an IP results in ISPs throttling emails coming from those IPs. In some cases, when ISPs perceive sudden changes in sending behavior from an IP, emails are dropped altogether. This is because ISPs perceive sudden changes in sending behavior from an IP as an indicator of abuse and potential source of spam.

With Amazon SES automatic warm-up, you don’t set up a warm-up process yourself. Amazon SES automatically warms up your dedicated IPs by gradually increasing the number of emails you send through your dedicated IPs based on a predefined warm-up plan. The maximum daily amount of mail increases from the first day until you reach a maximum of 50,000 emails within 45 days. This gradual increase helps your IPs build a positive reputation with ISPs.

To find more about the warm-up process, see the Amazon SES Developer Guide. To request dedicated IPs, see Requesting Dedicated IPs