Posted On: Mar 6, 2017

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) now offers dedicated short codes (5-, 6- digit phone numbers) in the US. If you are delivering notifications to telephone numbers in the US, you can now use a specific, customer-assigned SMS short code to send large marketing campaigns, Application-to-Person (A2P) messages like order updates and appointment reminders, and two-factor authentication text messages.

Before the availability of dedicated short codes, all Amazon SNS customers sent their text messages to their US recipients through a short code that was shared by other Amazon SNS customers. However, if you are sending high-volume or critical notifications, you might want to isolate your text messages to improve the visibility and control over your text message deliverability.

With dedicated short codes, you can manage the reputation of your text messages by using a short code that is exclusively assigned for your use only. With no one else using that short code, you can build a brand identity with that short code as your recipients will receive text messages only from you through that short code.

To request dedicated short codes, open a Dedicated Short Code for the US Destinations Limits Increase Case in Support Center.