Announcing AWS Marketplace Tax Calculation Service

Posted on: Mar 20, 2017

AWS Marketplace is pleased to announce the availability of a new Tax Calculation Service (TCS) for software vendors. If you are a software vendor that sells products on AWS Marketplace, you can now choose to enroll your paid product listings in TCS for automatic U.S. sales tax calculation on all of your AWS Marketplace transactions. For products enrolled in TCS, AWS Marketplace calculates and collects U.S. sales & use tax on software purchases based on settings and input provided by you.  AWS Marketplace disburses collected taxes to you along with a detailed tax report to help you meet your tax obligations. This feature is available to any AWS Marketplace software vendor who determines that they have obligations to pay U.S. sales tax.

Use of this feature is optional, but if you’d like to participate there are a few enrollment steps you’ll need to take. If you are currently a vendor with AWS Marketplace, you can enroll and configure your settings through a self-service page in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP) – visit your Tax Calculation Service page in AMMP to get started!

More than 100,000 active customers are using software from AWS Marketplace, and these customers use 300 million hours a month of Amazon EC2 for AWS Marketplace products. If you have a software product that you would like to make available on AWS Marketplace, visit our Sell on AWS Marketplace page to learn more. . If you are already an AWS Marketplace software vendor, visit your Tax Calculation Service page in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal to learn more or get started with TCS.