Posted On: Mar 27, 2017

NICE is pleased to announce the general availability of EnginFrame 2017, our powerful and easy to use web front-end for accessing Technical and Scientific Applications on-premises and in the cloud.

Since the NICE acquisition by Amazon Web Services (AWS), many customers asked us how to make the HPC experience in the Cloud as simple as the one they have on premises, while still leveraging the elasticity and flexibility that it provides. While we stay committed to delivering new and improved capabilities for on-premises deployments, like the new support for Citrix® XenDesktop® and the new HTML5 file transfer widgets, EnginFrame 2017 is our first step into making HPC easier to deploy and use in AWS, even without an in-depth knowledge of its APIs and rich service offering.

What’s new in EnginFrame 2017:

  • Easy procedure for deployment on AWS Cloud: you can create a fully functional HPC cluster with a simple Web interface, including:
    • Amazon Linux support
    • Virtual Private Cloud to host all components of an HPC system
    • Application Load Balancer for encrypted access to EnginFrame
    • Elastic File System for spoolers and applications
    • Directory Services for user authentication
    • CfnCluster integration for elastic HPC infrastructure deployment
    • Simpler EnginFrame license and process for evaluations on AWS
  • HTML5 file upload widget with support for server-side file caching, that replace the previous applet-based implementations
  • Service Editor capability to create new actions on files using services. Administrators can publish services associated to specific file patterns, that users can find in the context-sensitive menu in the spooler and file manager panels.
  • New Java® Client API for managing interactive sessions: customers and partners can now implement interactive session management in their applications.
  • Citrix XenDesktop integration: support for graphical applications running on XenDesktop infrastructure.
  • Improved DCV and VNC® session token management, with automatic token invalidation based on a time-to-live.
  • Many other fixes and enhancements.

The new features are immediately available for all the EnginFrame product lines:

  • EnginFrame Views: Manage interactive sessions, collaboration and VDI
  • EnginFrame HPC: In addition to the Views features, easily submit and monitor the execution of HPC applications and their data
  • EnginFrame Enterprise: Both EnginFrame Views and HPC can be upgraded to the Enterprise version, to support fault-tolerant and load-balanced deployments

With immediate availability, all NICE customers with a valid support contract can download the new release, access the documentation and the support helpdesk.

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