AWS Mobile Hub Adds Export/Import for Snapshotting and Repeatable Deployment of Projects Through the Development Lifecycle

Posted on: Apr 27, 2017

Starting today you can import and export AWS Mobile Hub projects with their associated AWS resources. This feature will allow developers to export, import and share their project configurations in an easily editable text file format (YAML). They can duplicate projects in the same AWS account or across accounts, for easier team collaboration and sharing. Each import of an exported project creates an identical isolated stack of AWS resources that provides a separate, independent, consistent development and testing environment.

A Mobile Hub project is the definition of the AWS services a developer configures through point and click configuration of mobile app features. Services behind the features are provisioned and custom SDK, source code and quickstart app are created. With Project Export/Import, the configuration of a project is saved to a project definition file which can be shared between development team members or open source community participants. When the project is imported, Mobile Hub provisions a unique set of AWS resources that are identical to the original exported project.

When sharing across AWS accounts, all Mobile Hub features that do not rely on account-specific attributes are provisioned. A developer can duplicate a project within their own AWS account at any time. The duplicate project will reproduce the original with a freshly provisioned set of AWS resources.

With the ability to capture and redeploy a stable, known backend, potential for errors and the scope of any debugging/testing are substantially reduced. Developers can focus on the mobile front-end.

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