Posted On: Apr 10, 2017

Today, we made it easier for you to organize your AWS accounts in AWS Organizations by using a new tree view and additional UI improvements. The new tree view enables you to browse the accounts and organizational units (OUs) in your organization and apply service control policies (SCPs) from the Organizations console. For example, you can use the tree view to see the hierarchy of OUs in your organization. You can then select a specific OU to see all its AWS accounts and then apply an SCP to those accounts. 

In addition to the new tree view, we have added more detail to the right pane so that when you select an OU, you can easily view its list of accounts. Also, if you select an account on the Accounts tab, you can now easily see of which OUs the account is a member.

The new tree view and UI improvements are available to all AWS Organizations customers at no additional charge.

To get started, open the Organizations console