Posted On: Jun 9, 2017

Starting today Amazon Pinpoint adds SMS Text and Email Messaging support in addition to Mobile Push Notifications, providing developers, product managers and marketers with multi-channel messaging capabilities to drive user engagement in their applications. Pinpoint also enables backend services and applications to message users directly and provides advanced user and app analytics to understand user behavior and messaging performance.

Amazon Pinpoint provides customers with tools for audience management and segmentation, campaign management and scheduling for email, SMS text messaging and mobile push notifications. Amazon Pinpoint, an integrated multi-channel messaging service, thus enables you to increase message relevance and effectiveness, measure engagement, and continually improve your business outcomes according to your key performance indicators.

Amazon Pinpoint’s analytics services helps you better understand user behavior, define targeted audiences, determine which messages to send, over which channel and at what time. It also makes it possible to view demographics data and create usage funnels. We have added analytics capabilities for email opens and clicks and SMS delivery metrics such as text messages received, cost of each text message.

Developers can extend their applications through a single Amazon Pinpoint API to enable multi-channel messaging. They can also integrate 3rd party tools and applications, such as enterprise systems and visualization tools to enable richer segmentation and analysis.

Getting started with Amazon Pinpoint is easy. You start with creating your messaging project in AWS Mobile Hub. You can then message users from the Pinpoint console by selecting the channel, and then defining the message.

To engage segments of users via targeted campaigns, the Amazon Pinpoint console guides you through the process of defining your target segments, campaign message, and delivery schedule. Once your campaign is running, Amazon Pinpoint provides metrics so you can run analytics and track the impact of your campaign.

Amazon Pinpoint is available in US East 1 (North Virginia). For more information about AWS regions, see Regions and Endpoints.