Posted On: Jun 6, 2017

Starting today AWS Mobile Hub has added new features making it easier for JavaScript developers to build cloud-enabled mobile web or hybrid apps for both testing and production environments.

A new Hosting and Streaming feature in the Mobile Hub console preconfigures an Amazon S3 static website and Amazon CloudFront distribution for use in test and production application development scenarios. The website includes auto-generated JavaScript configuration files with ECMAScript2015 export/import support which make it easy to build mobile web or hybrid apps that consume cloud resources using the AWS JavaScript SDK. The website further includes a sample app which demonstrates how to load the AWS JavaScript SDK and make Identity calls to Amazon Cognito.

Finally, Mobile Hub provides a “one-click” experience after configuration allowing customers to launch the website from a single location in the Mobile Hub console. 

AWS Mobile Hub enables you to select the region in which your project's resources will be created. For more information about AWS regions, see Regions and Endpoints.

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