Posted On: Jun 30, 2017

We are excited to announce that CloudWatch Events now allows different AWS accounts to share events with each other. You can now collect all your events from different AWS accounts to a single account. These events can be EC2 events, AWS API call events, AWS health events, and more. Please see the list of supported events here.  

You can deliver the events to other accounts through a new CloudWatch Events resource called Event Bus. Event buses accept events from AWS services, other AWS accounts, and PutEvents API calls. All AWS accounts have one default event bus. To send events to another account, you simply write rules to match the events of interest and attach an event bus in the receiving account as the target to the rule. The PutTargets API has been updated to allow adding cross account event buses as targets. In addition, we have released two new APIs: PutPermission which allows you to add permissions to your default event bus, and RemovePermission which allows you to remove existing permissions. 

For more information on cross account event delivery, please see Jeff Barr’s blog or the CloudWatch Events documentation