Posted On: Jun 7, 2017

AWS Marketplace, which lists over 3,800 software listings from popular software vendors across 35 product categories, has announced that SaaS sellers can now log metering records using AWS CloudTrail in all regions. CloudTrail is a service that enables operational auditing of your AWS account along with governance, compliance, and risk auditing. AWS Marketplace now delivers all SaaS Marketplace Metering Service metering records to CloudTrail to help sellers with their operational auditing. Sellers can use CloudTrail logs to help test new SaaS applications, while onboarding to AWS Marketplace, or to confirm that records have been received by the Marketplace Metering Service.

For existing users of AWS CloudTrail, this feature is already active and metering records are being recorded in your logs. Please visit the AWS Marketplace documentation and AWS CloudTrail product page to find out more.