Amazon SES Introduces Open and Click Metrics for Tracking Customer Engagement

Posted on: Aug 1, 2017

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) now includes the ability to track open and click events, as well as the ability to publish email sending events to Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS).

The open and click tracking feature makes it possible for Amazon SES customers to monitor the rates at which their recipients are engaging with the emails they receive. Amazon SES users can then transform these insights to action by refining and optimizing their email programs.

The addition of Amazon SNS as an event publishing destination allows Amazon SES customers to publish metrics related to email sending—including deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and rejections—to Amazon SNS. By using Amazon SNS as an event publishing destination, Amazon SES customers can receive push notifications or SMS messages when certain email sending events occur, and can act upon those events immediately.

To learn more about event publishing in Amazon SES, see Monitoring Your Sending Activity in the Amazon SES Developer Guide.