Posted On: Aug 15, 2017

The AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is an extension for Microsoft VSTS and on-premises Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) that makes it easy to deploy .NET applications to AWS. If you already use Microsoft VSTS or TFS, the AWS Tools for VSTS makes it easy to deploy your code to AWS without changing how you run your project, organize your builds, and track your work.

With the AWS Tools for VSTS, you can develop your .NET applications with the build/release system you already know, and deploy them directly to AWS EC2 instances using either AWS CodeDeploy or AWS Elastic Beanstalk. You can deploy a serverless .NET application to an AWS Lambda function. You can use your VSTS tools to deploy AWS CloudFormation templates, which gives you an easy way to manage, provision, and update a collection of AWS resources in a predictable fashion. You can also use the AWS Tools for VSTS to store your build artifacts in Amazon S3, run AWS CLI or PowerShell commands, and manage notifications through Amazon SNS or Amazon SQS queues. For more information about the AWS Tools for VSTS click here.

You can start using the AWS Tools for VSTS at no additional cost by downloading the tools on the VSTS Marketplace, or on Github.