Posted On: Aug 17, 2017

Starting today, customers can access the redesigned Cost Explorer interface, which sits on top of a newly-optimized backend querying engine. Customers can now take advantage of a more robust, and performant filtering experience that has been enhanced to allow customers greater flexibility over the information they include or exclude from their analyses. For example, customers can create a view that only includes costs associated with EC2 instance running hours in Availability Zone “us-east-1a” but does not include costs associated with instance types in the m4 family. Customers also benefit from a new consolidated date picker that lets them choose a custom or preset time range (e.g., month-to-date), while also allowing them to forecast forward over user-defined intervals. Once customers reach a view that they would like to refer back to, they can use the improved report management functionality to save up to 50 custom reports per account.

Additionally, paying accounts can now control which members of their billing family have access to Cost Explorer using the new access control settings. Paying accounts can further refine the type of cost data to which their linked accounts have access (e.g., exclude refunds and credits from view).

To get started with Cost Explorer, you can go here or refer to the Analyzing your costs using Cost Explorer technical documentation.